Angela Pepper: Other Cozy Mystery Books

This page is for novels that don't fit within the Wisteria Witches Mysteries or Stormy Day Mysteries.

Angela Jane Pepper books (NEW 2020 releases)

Looking for the contemporary (a bit less cozy) mystery / thriller / romance / drama books published under Angela Jane Pepper? See this other page.

Angela Pepper's Collaboration with Maisie Dean

Angela is the series creator and publisher for the Booker Brothers Detective Mysteries, which are written by Maisie Dean.  For more information, see

Eli Carter & The Ghost Hackers

Eli Carter & The Ghost Hackers Paranormal Mysteries books by Angela Pepper are cozy supernatural mysteries. These fast-paced stories are told through the eyes of a humorous, cheeky narrator.
#1 - The Cat Who Went Bump in the Night
#2 - The Ghost Who Wasn't There
#3 - The Dog Who Barked Fire

Restless Spirits

The Restless Spirits trilogy contain a ghost or two in each book. These tales range from humorous to suspenseful, with thrilling twists and danger for the main character. Each book is a stand-alone novel, and no sequels are planned.
#1 - Interview with a Ghost
#2 - Date with a Ghost
#3 - Dancing with a Ghost

Diamond Files

Girl in the Shadows is a private investigation story set in the contemporary world. It follows an insurance investigator with unorthodox methods..
One book only -- Girl in the Shadows

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