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Ghost Hackers

Eli Carter & The Ghost Hackers Paranormal Mysteries books by Angela Pepper are cozy-ish supernatural mysteries. These fast-paced stories are told through the eyes of a humorous, cheeky narrator.

COMPLETED TRILOGY: Eli Carter & the Ghost Hackers - Paranormal Mysteries
#1 - The Cat Who Went Bump in the Night
#2 - The Ghost Who Wasn't There
#3 - The Dog Who Barked Fire

Restless Spirits

The Restless Spirits trilogy contain a ghost or two in each book. These tales range from humorous to suspenseful, with thrilling twists and danger for the main character.

COMPLETED TRILOGY: Restless Spirits of the Southwest - Supernatural Thrillers
#1 - Interview with a Ghost
#2 - Date with a Ghost
#3 - Dancing with a Ghost

Diamond Files

Girl in the Shadows is a private investigation story set in the contemporary world. It follows an insurance investigator with unorthodox methods..

Diamond Files (Private Investigator Duo)
Girl in the Shadows