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Fall in love with an audiobook today!

I haven't talked that much with you about audiobooks, which is a crying shame. Audiobooks are amazing! I got hooked about three years ago.

My husband and I were trying to be more active and go for more walks, so we decided to make our hour-long treks more fun by listening to an audiobook. From the very first listen, we were hooked! At first, we used one set of earbuds, one each, and just stuck close together. We must have looked pretty funny to people walking past. A lot of folks smiled and commented to me about keeping my husband "on a leash." We did eventually buy a splitter, so we weren't connected via a leash, but we still get some odd looks when we both laugh at the same time (at something in the audiobook) while otherwise walking along quietly.

We also listen to audiobooks in the car. When we're driving for an hour to see family in the next town, the drive itself is almost the best part. (Hahah -- don't tell them I said that!)

Besides walking and drivin…

Available now: Wolves of Wisteria

New release:
WOLVES OF WISTERIA by Angela Pepper The 6th book in the Wisteria Witches series,
and the first book of the exciting City Hall series! Get it now!

By popular request (and necessity, LOL), here are some of your questions about the new book, answered.

FAQs about Wolves of Wisteria:I've read the Wisteria Witches series by Angela Pepper. I see this book is called City Hall #1. Where does this fit in? And who's Zinnia? Zinnia Riddle is the character you've come to know and love in the other books as Aunt Zinnia. This is Zinnia's first book as the featured character. The events in Wolves of Wisteria take place in the months leading up to Zinnia's niece Zara arriving in Wisteria. You can think of this book as a prequel, or a spin-off, or the start of a mini-series. In this book, you'll find out about Zinnia's workplace and witch friends, plus there's a thrilling mystery to solve.

Will there be more books about Zara?
Yes. The next three featuring Zara…