Saturday, May 18, 2019

My new podcast, and the next Wisteria Witches book (completely unrelated, but both things I do!)

Hi, folks!

Just a quickie update. You probably won't hear much from me in the newsletter for a few months. I'm busy working on the next Wisteria Witches book, and a few other exciting projects.

One of those projects is... an experimental comedy podcast I perform / tell personal stories in with a friend of mine from improv classes. Note: I appear on the podcast under my first name, Tamara. (I know it's weird to wrap your head around, but the lady you know as Angela is also known as Tamara or even "Tam" to the people she sees every day.)

The podcast is just a goofy thing we do for fun. You can totally support it without any conflict of interest issues. It is NOT going to suddenly get so popular that it cuts into my writing time ... hahah.

Here it is. Ta da! You can hear my weird little Canadian voice, uncensored.
You can download episodes on iTunes or most places where people get their podcasts. - click here for the website and links to itunes etc.

Okay! Now for the news you really want:

I have set a date for the release of book 10, (Daybreak book #3), and it's August 15, 2019.

Now, August is a terrible time to release books. Everyone's unpacking the tent or buying new pencil sharpeners or something. Nobody sane schedules a book to be released in the middle of August. And yet I have. I figured... the people who are looking for something fun to read in the middle of August will be thrilled to get their hands on the new Wisteria book. And the folks who don't have time to read until September can just avoid reading the reviews until then. Wisteria Witches is a popular series, but let's be serious here. It's not exactly Game of Thrones. You'll probably be able to avoid spoilers!

About the book numbering: The Daybreak mini-series was always planned to be a trilogy, so book 3 will wrap up and signal an end of some things... and the beginning of other things. There won't be a Daybreak #4, but there will be a new mini-series or set of books and a new #1 that falls after this one on the timeline.

Preorder time! For my Amazon, Nook, and Kobo readers: You can pre-order book #10 now for instant delivery on release day. And it will also be up for preorder on iTunes in a few days. 

Here it is:

Wisteria Witches Mysteries - Daybreak #3 (Zara Riddle)
(10th book set in the Wisteria world)
Wishful Wisteria - releasing August 15, 2019
Nook - coming soon - preorder now
Apple Books / iTunes - (preorder coming soon)
Kobo - coming soon - preorder now
Googleplay / Android - coming soon - coming soon - preorder now  - coming soon - preorder now
Audible - coming soon - (audiobook)

That's about it!

This newsletter will be pretty quiet for a few months. I haven't completely disappeared. You may see me post occasionally on my Facebook page, about trees or squirrels or something. And if you listen to the podcast, you'll probably hear WAY TOO MUCH about my personal life and random observations.

I hope you have a wonderful summer and many new adventures.

Angela (also known as Tamara)