Friday, May 25, 2018

Fall in love with an audiobook today!

I haven't talked that much with you about audiobooks, which is a crying shame. Audiobooks are amazing! I got hooked about three years ago.

My husband and I were trying to be more active and go for more walks, so we decided to make our hour-long treks more fun by listening to an audiobook. From the very first listen, we were hooked! At first, we used one set of earbuds, one each, and just stuck close together. We must have looked pretty funny to people walking past. A lot of folks smiled and commented to me about keeping my husband "on a leash." We did eventually buy a splitter, so we weren't connected via a leash, but we still get some odd looks when we both laugh at the same time (at something in the audiobook) while otherwise walking along quietly.

We also listen to audiobooks in the car. When we're driving for an hour to see family in the next town, the drive itself is almost the best part. (Hahah -- don't tell them I said that!)

Besides walking and driving, we also listen to audiobooks on rainy days while doing a jigsaw puzzle. That's more of a winter activity, when we can't get outside as much. It is absolute bliss to get to read a book and also do a jigsaw puzzle at the same time. Bliss!

If I'm having trouble falling asleep, I put on an audiobook I've listened to before (I re-listen to my faves), and set the sleep timer so it shuts off. I have to set it for fifteen minutes and then the next day I usually have to rewind about ten minutes. It works soooooo well, I swear doctors should prescribe them as sleeping pills! (But it doesn't make me sleepy during the day if I'm walking or doing something with my hands.)

Because I love audiobooks so much as a reader/listener, I decided to branch out and get my books in audio format. It's not a cheap process, because the narrator, who is often a talented actor/actress/storyteller in their own right, has to get paid. To produce a single hour of an audiobook can take up to ten person-hours to research, record, re-record, and then mix into a single cohesive track without weird noises and dog barks. I've been fortunate to be able to hire some very talented individuals, and I now have eleven books available in audio.

If you have never tried an audiobook before, maybe today is the day?

If you click one of the links for one of my books (which I already know you love!), you can sign up for a trial membership at Audible, and you'll get your first book free. I'd be honored if your first audiobook was one of mine! Perhaps you'd like to try one of my books you haven't read yet?

Okay! Yes! Let's do this, right? Here are some links (you can read the book description on the next page), and happy listening!

Restless Spirits of the Southwest
Cozy Ghost Mysteries

Wisteria Witches (Zara Riddle)
Coming in 2018 in audiobook: #1 - Wisteria Witches
Coming in 2018 in audiobook: #2 - Wicked Wisteria
Coming in 2018 in audiobook: #3 - Wisteria Wonders
Coming in 2018 in audiobook: #4 - Watchful Wisteria 
Coming in 2018 in audiobook: #5 - Wisteria Wyverns

Wisteria Witches - City Hall (Zinnia Riddle)
Coming in 2018 in audiobook: #1 - Wolves of Wisteria
Coming in 2018 in audiobook: #2 - Wisteria Wrinkle
Coming in 2018 in audiobook: #3 - to be announced

Wisteria Witches - Daybreak (Zara Riddle)
Coming soon!

Eli Carter & the Ghost Hackers
Paranormal Mysteries

Diamond Files Mysteries
Private Investigator Duo

Stormy Day Mysteries
Contemporary Cozy Mysteries

not yet in audiobook format:
#5 Death of a Double Dipper